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Broward County Property Appraisal
  • Full Appraisal - Home/Condo
  • Commercial Replacement Cost
  • Commercial Full Appraisal
  • Mitigation & 4 Point Inspections

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Broward County Property Appraisal - Real Estate

When performing a Broward County property appraisal, careful consideration to respective real estate neighborhoods must be taken into account. There are 31 cities that make up this unique and vibrant county. The Broward County property appraiser office can be found in downtown Fort Lauderdale. In the heart of Broward, lies the city of Fort Lauderdale. Located between Miami and Palm Beach, Ft Lauderdale is the largest Broward county city. This city offers a semi-tropical climate, entertainment, and world famous beaches (it has become an ideal place to live or relocate a business). A real estate appraiser should have extensive experience in this area to have a competitive advantage. Comparable research and neighborhood information for a Broward County Property appraisal in this city is required..

The city of Weston is located west of Fort Lauderdale. Weston is an upper scale real estate community with A-rated public schools. Also, superior parks, recreation facilities, and tranquil environment make Weston unique. A Weston real estate appraisal performed by a property appraiser will encompass a older and newer neighborhood all in one. Today, Weston has over 60,000 residents from all geographical areas. A Broward County property appraisal performed by a real estate appraiser in this area would have to pay close attention to newer scale designer homes.

Located in western Broward County, the City of Sunrise is home to over 90,000 residents. With its excellent location, Sunrise is home to more that 140 corporate owners. As these businesses continue to expand, they lure demand for a highly skilled workforce which has helped to keep respective neighborhoods growing. Knowledge of commercial structures by a real estate appraiser in this area is very beneficial.

The City of Hollywood is located in South Broward County. In East Hollywood, you will find everything from boutique hotels to luxury high rise condominiums (beautiful beaches for daily bike rides or walks are a popular attraction). In West Hollywood, family oriented neighborhoods are in demand. A Broward County property appraisal performed by an experienced real estate appraiser would have much knowledge of respective distinctly different neighborhoods.

A Broward County property appraisal must consider each specific city attribute when researching neighborhoods. Careful consideration must be taken into account when choosing the correct comparables and respective adjustments. Additional Broward County cities are listed below. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions, or need real estate appraisal help with any of theses areas.

We specialize in the Broward County property appraisal area and surrounding neighborhoods. If you require help or need assistance in any of our respective real estate coverage areas, please let us know.

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