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Florida Property Appraiser

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A Florida property appraiser license is required by all individuals who seek a career in the appraiser industry. In addition, respective appraiser licenses must be updated with continuing education on a continual basis (two year licensing cycle). The Florida Real Estate Appraisal Board (FREAB) is headquartered in Orlando, FL. The FREAB is assigned the task of administering and enforcing the Florida property appraiser license law (Chapter 475, Part II). The criteria to become a Trainee, State Certified, and State Certified Florida property appraiser will change effectively on January of 2008.

A Trainee appraiser is a person registered and qualified to perform real estate appraisal services under the supervision of a State Licensed or State Certified Appraiser. Effective January of 2008, a State Certified Florida property appraiser must complete 200 hours of classroom time and no less than 24 months of appraisal experience (under supervision). Also, an Associates degree or higher (or equivalent credit hours) will be required.

By definition, a State Certified General Appraiser is a "person qualified to issue appraisal reports for any type of real property, including both commercial and residential, regardless of the property value." Starting in 2008, to become a real estate Florida property appraiser at the general level, 300 hours of appraisal education and a Bachelors degree or higher (or equivalent credit hours) will be required.

The appraiser is a key figure when speaking of buying, refinancing, or establishing value to a real estate property. Further, the appraiser establishes an opinion of value based on the likely sales price a property would bring in a competitive real estate market. There are usually three comparable properties used during the appraisal process. These respective comparables are used as support for determining home value.

In Florida, there are a many different forms of properties, including intracoastal and ocean front condominiums, multi-million dollar homes, and a variety of townhome styles. To say the least, a Florida property appraiser has a very exciting and specialized field within the real estate industry.

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