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Florida Lauderdale appraisal property

Fort Lauderdale Appraisal - Property

In preparing a Fort Lauderdale appraisal by a licensed real estate appraiser, knowledge of property information from surrounding neighborhoods is necessary. The city of Fort Lauderdale is located North of Miami and South of Palm Beach. On the East, the Atlantic Ocean provides an appraiser an array of ocean and intracoastal front propertes. To the west, Fort Lauderdale is filled with older real estate neighborhoods as well as newer gated communities. While performing a Fort Lauderdale appraisal, respective neighborhood traits play an important role when selecting comparable properties.

Neighborhoods in the Fort Lauderdale area are seperated by a number of items including railroads, interstate highways, and waterways. Comparable selection for a Fort Lauderdale appraisal would greatly rely on these underlining boundaries. For instance, lets say your subject property is located in a residential real estate neighborhood bordered by railroad tracks on one side and interstate 95 on the other. Crossing these respective railroad tracks comparables might lead an appraiser to a lower or higher class neighborhood. Further, this might lead to an incorrect value to the subject. A canal seperating two distintly different neighborhoods would be another example of a real estate appraiser challenge when working on a Fort Lauderdale appraisal.

Other factors affecting real estate property comparable searches for a Fort Lauderdale appraisal include proximity to schools, commercial real estate, and busy roads.. For instance, comparables located accross the street from an elementary school might illustrate either a positive or negative impact on home values depending on neighborhoods. In addition, real estate with a view of a bordering commercial shopping center should lead to extensinve research of its affects property affects. A final example would be that real estate located on a busy road. When shopping for a home, there is a possibility that a respective buyer will shy away from such a property location (especially if there are kids involved). A Fort Lauderdale appraisal should account for these and other items when researching for a property value. At the least, these items should be properly noted on the real estate appraisal.

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