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A Miami appraisal in respect to residential real estate is a challenging task that involves the skills of a qualified real estate property appraiser. Miami is a unique city composed of various neighborhoods and properties throughout the South Florida area. Located in Miami Dade County, the City of Miami is located South of Fort Lauderdale and North of Homestead. When on assignment to perform a Miami appraisal, a real estate property appraiser should have knowledge of ocean and intracoastal view condominiums and multi-million dollar homes.

When composing a Miami real estate appraisal, special attention and consideration must be taken for condo view and floor level. For example, a condo with intracoastal view would have a "view" adjustment when compared to residential view. Also, an adjustment for floor height would usually be made appropriately when comparing a unit on the 22nd floor versus the 1st floor. A final condominium comparison adjustment for a Miami appraisal would be for balcony versus no balcony. Depending on location and age of the property, real estate appraisal adjustments may vary significantly.

A Miami appraisal perfomed on a single family property would have similar comparison adjustments as condominiums. However, some differences between condominums and single family properties are evident. For instance, "parking" is a distinguishing factor when dealing with a single family home. A subject home may have a one-car garage while a comparable has "open parking." An appraisal respective adjustment should be made for the benefit of the subject. One similar adjustment made for single family homes when performing a Miami real estate appraisal is "view". It is common for a Miami residence to have ocean and intracoastal views.

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