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Miami Real Estate Appraiser

Miami Property Real Estate Appraiser

The Miami property appraiser area is unique to all other South Florida real estate locations. On the East coast, Miami Beach is home to numerous high-rise condominiums. Many of these condos have spectacular ocean front and Intracoastal views. For these types of real estate appraiser assignments, special consideration must be taken to condo floor level (the higher, the better). Also, when a Miami property appraiser prepares a high-rise Miami property real estate appraisal, major knowledge of ocean and Intracoastal view are required.

Miami Beach or often called South Beach is an island between Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. South Beach possesses a one of a kind atmosphere and art deco style. It has become famous for resort style hotel condos, sleek lofts, and multi-million dollar homes. Many famous celebrities and athletes own primary and/or secondary residences in South Beach. In addition, year around warm weather has helped retired individuals across the U.S. call Miami Beach home. A respective Miami property appraiser must have extensive knowledge of multi-million dollar condominiums and homes to become an accurate South Beach real estate property appraiser..

Downtown Miami is home to high-quality retail, signature restaurants, and unique commercial businesses. Also, with a new Performing Arts Center and home to the Miami Heat, downtown Miami is a great place to live and work. The emergence of newer age residential units has helped to form a greater appreciation for downtown living. A Miami property appraiser must pay special attention to newer private high rise condominiums with beautiful city views when performing a downtown Miami real estate property appraisal.

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