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West Palm Beach Florida Real Estate Appraiser

West Palm Beach Property Appraiser

The West Palm Beach property appraiser area is composed of various neighborhoods. There are over 40 distictly different neighborhoods in West Palm Beach. Mostly, these real estate communities are seperated by highways, lakes or canals, railroad tracks, and recreational parks. There should be special attention to these items when a West Palm Beach property appraiser is performong respective real estate appraisal.

An experienced West Palm Beach property appraiser should be familiar with all specific city characteristics. For example, in West Palm Beach railroad tracks seperate the neighborhoods of Pleasant City and North Tamarind. An appraiser must be careful when selecting comparables across these cities. Railroad tracks also seperate the Pinewood and Northwood respective areas. A simple drive by a West Palm Beach property appraiser through these distinct real estate areas would be of great benefit when selecting comparables.

Interstate 95 divides West Palm Beach into two real estate distinct sides. On the West you will find the Villages of Palm Beach Lakes, Palm Club Village, and Spencer Lakes neighborhoods. In these areas you will find numerous private gated real estate communities. When researching for an appraisal, a West Palm Beach property appraiser should cross this Interstate 95 to select comparables only if necessary (also, the real estate appraisal report should be commented as per explanation for use.)

Large beautiful lakes and intracoastal waters pose a challenge to a real estate appraiser in West Palm Beach area. For example, the neighborhoods of Echo Lake, Westfield, and North Shore all run along a large body of water. Homes with direct water views should "proove" to be superior in value and would respectively have an adjustment for this fact. Additional neighborhoods of Northwood Shores, El Cid, and South End run along the intracoastal. A West Palm Beach property appraiser should be familiar with multi-million dollar condominiums with water views.

The City of West Palm Beach is known for its sunny palm-lined streets, quaint shopping centers, and year-round festivals. Additional popular destinations include the Palm Beach Zoo and the Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts. Much research and careful consideration to all neighborhood characterictics must be taken into account by a West Palm Beach property appraiser when performing a real estate appraisal.

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